Business as unusual

Making data-driven customer engagement faster and more efficient for enterprises.

True 1:1 personalization

Made for cross-functional teams

  • Increase the lifetime value of each individual customer by providing them more relevant offers.
  • Enable marketing teams to execute the programs with highest chance of success and less wasted spend.
  • Augment your existing data science resources and enable them to do more.

AI that's built for marketers



Analyze customer behavior and predict next best action for each individual with just one click by using best-in-class Machine Learning techniques.



Optimize any business objective by implementing the right set of interactions and engagement tactics for each individual customer.



Simulate campaign responses and select the one with the highest ROI. Execute via seamless integration with your CRM and CMS.

What you can do with plinth

Our pre-loaded use cases allow you to be market ready in less than 50 days.


Purchase propensity

Predict individual level purchase probabilities for all product lines and categories to drive sales lift.


Customer lifetime value

Calculate the lifetime value of each individual to identify relevant engagement and growth opportunities.


Churn risk

Predict churn risk for your customers to build relevant mitigation strategies.


Offer optimization

Simulate different campaign scenarios to create relevant offers for each individual customer.


Behavioral segmentation

Analyze your customer behavior across 1,000+ dimensions to create granular targeting segments.


Uplift modeling

Estimate the true impact of your campaigns by removing all noise from the measurement process and driving your true north.

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Accelerated business growth

How we do it

AutoML agents

Our autoML pipeline built for enterprises allow you to launch production scale use cases within days, opposed to months with other solutions.

Multi-objective optimizer

We enable enterprises to optimize multiple objectives in one campaign, which means that they don’t have to compromise on profitability while maximizing conversions.

Simulation workbench

Our simulation workbench allows you to compare multiple engagement strategies to launch the most optimal interventions to drive your KPIs.

API control tower

Our API suite allows you to integrate Plinth with your database and tech stack without disruption. We have APIs for the most common platforms available and more are added continuously.

Case studies

Learn how we are delivering personalization at scale across multiple industries

2x increase in product penetration for a leading global insurer

We helped a large global insurer accelerate their personalization journey and drive 4 times increased product sales across their life and health verticals. Using our propensity and offer optimization models, we were able to identify highly profitable customers from their existing portfolio and shape their purchase journey using multiple targeted interventions in a 90 days program

30% revenue lift for a large regional telco

One of the largest southeast asian telcos wanted to grow their average revenue per customer (ARPU) by up-selling data packages and cross-selling their value added services (roaming, international calling, music packages). Plinth enabled them to process over 20TB of data and identify most relevant offers for over 200k customers. Multiple in-market tests were conducted over a period of 6 months that led to over 30% increase in ARPU and 5x lift in campaign conversions.

Supported integrations

Plinth is designed keeping enterprises and high-growth businesses in mind.

Our open API ecosystem allows you to connect any data source and deliver personalization across all channels without any disrutpion.


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